About Collins Contracting

Collins Contracting Inc. was founded in 1996 by Dennis Collins. Dennis started as a subcontracting company and primarily hired out for excavating on communications tower sites.

In 2010, the company reorganized and was renamed Collins Contracting LLC with Christine Patterson (Collins) taking over as president. Collins Contracting LLC is now a general contracting co. which specifically constructs and maintains Communication Tower Sites. Dennis still takes care of estimating, project management and overall operations.

Our Vision

We at Collins Contracting LLC have always been about putting out a quality product that is simply second to none. That is typically the assertion of most companies, but we have the proof and references from clients as well as the land owners on who’s land we have done construction on. We will not leave the job until all parties are more than satisfied. We would not be going on our 23rd year in business if we didn’t provide the customer with what they expected. We will always place quality and safety as our leading objective with every job and provide our customers with expectations that are fully met.

Our Team

Dennis Collins
Founder, project manager, estimator, operations manager, 23 years

Christine Patterson
President, 8 years

Jarred Patterson
President of field operations, hiring, safety management, 12 years

Matt Bush
Superintendent, 11 years

Ernie Setzer
Superintendent, 9 years

Jason Locke
Superintendent, 7 years